The OB12 - one of the most underestimated synths ever built

I don't quite understand why the Oberheim OB12 - which actually has been built by Viscount in Italy, is such an underestimated synth. In fact it boasts many great features and is almost as versatile as a modular system - without the patch chords of course! The OB12 is an Virtual Analog Synth and was built around 2000. At that time it cost 3.300 DM / 1650€. Nowadays you can get an OB12 well below 1.000€ and believe me it is worth every Cent you pay for it. For endless joy of editing the OB12 boasts 28 rotary Pots - not the endless rubbish of modern synths, but real pots! Further more there are 25 Sliders and 87 Buttons! Almost every parameter can be influenced on the front panel and the rest can be edited via the large graphical display. To tweak the sounds of this synth is real fun!

List of Features

Number of voices 12
Multimode: 4 Timbres
Keyboard: 4 Octaves with 4 split points, Velocity and Aftertouch
Live controls: Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel and an assignable Ribbon. Manual and Auto-Morphing between two sounds

2 VCOs with Tri, variable Pulse 0-100%, Saw. Pulse and Saw can be modulated with LFO 1, LFO 2 and EG. The VCOs can modulate each other and can be synced!
2 VCFs with 12dB The filters can be configured in series and parallel
2 EGs (ADDSR), for the VCFs and for the VCA.
1 EG (ADD) for the VCOs
2 LFOs
1 Arpegiator
1 Phrase Sequencer
4 Built in Effects: Overdrive, Chorus, Reverb, Delay - all with various parameters
1 EQ - 5-band graphic, 3-band semiparametric

Storage: 256 Timbres and 256 Performances

Analog Audio Outputs: (4) ¼" TS unbalanced; (1) ¼" stereo headphone
Digital Audio Output: RCA S/PDIF at 44.1 kHz and 16-bit resolution
Additional Ports: MIDI In, Out, Thru; (2) ¼" TS footswitch; (2) ¼" TS continuous footpedal
Display: 240 × 64-pixel backlit LCD, reversible
Dimensions: 92cm (L) × 9cm (H) × 28cm (D)
Weight: 16kg

See pictures of my OB12

Hear sounds of my OB12