Curriculum Vitae of Matthias Schorer

I was born on April 7th, 1965 in Radolfzell, Germany to Ludwig Schorer, purchasing manager of TRW Messmer G.m.b.H, and his wife Lieselotte. After four years of primary school (1971 - 1975) I attended high school in Radolfzell, graduating in July 1985. My hobbies during this time were electronics, computers and also playing music in a number of bands. My father supported me especially in my computer hobby, buying my first own computer, a SHARP MZ/80K which taught me a lot about programming.

After high school in June 1985, I enlisted in the German Army for two years. Originally my aim was to study electronics and computer science after my military service. To enrol at university a three month technical internship was first required which I started in July 1987 in the form of a three month course in mechanical engineering at TRW Automotive G.m.b.H. In addition to basic skills such as drilling, milling and plastic moulding, I also acquired substantial programming knowledge for CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines, as well as special knowledge required in automotive industry.

In October 1987 I was offered a job as the system administrator with AUTECH G.m.b.H. My main responsibilities included setting up a multiuser computer system based on an IBM AT with a special replacement processor and an eight port Serial card. This system used a multitasking, multiuser software which could emulate DOS sessions on any ANSI terminal. I also programmed add-on modules to the IBM Payroll, Accounting and Inventory programs. The mainstream business of AUTECH was the design and construction of industrial robots and automated assembly lines. I was fascinated by this scenario of computers controlling machines and consequently decided to work with the in-house electronics design team. After a short introductory period I assigned several smaller scale projects which included electronics/electrical design work and programming MITSUBISHI and SIEMENS Micro Controllers.

In July 1988 LIMESS G.m.b.H offered my a position where I had the privilege of working with Didier Mougan, a programmer from France who shared his immense knowledge about object oriented design with me. He also taught me C and assembler programming. LIMESS were the first to develop and built LASER scanners used in the context of quality assurance in aeronautics and automotive. The associated control software - designed under my responsibility - made extensive use of PC resources. Its development allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge regarding operating system design and PC hardware. We also programmed the very sophisticated real time operating system for the scanners employing multitasking as well as RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) to allow communication between the scanner's processor and the PC.

LIMESS being a subsidiary of LEIPOLD Group. I was asked to take over more extended responsibilities at LEIPOLD Systemtechnik G.m.b.H. in August 1989. The job description which I nicely filled was for a highly motivated and skilled programmer to join their OS/2 development team, with the task assignment being the design of a new CAQ (Computer Aided Quality Assurance) package for the OS/2 platform and later for the IBM AS/400. After a few months I was promoted to supervisor level and after one year I was entrusted with a management position as department head responsible for R&D. A main focus was database design, user interface design and co-ordination between the local programming team and the programmers in Dresden.

November 1991 saw my promotion to Sales and Marketing Director. This task confronted me with a completely new experience since now I had the opportunity to see problems both from the customers' and the programmers' point of view. My experience in software design was highly beneficial in developing the best solutions in co-operation with the customers. During this period it also fell under my responsibility to devise a new corporate identity for LEIPOLD and to redesign all sales related materials.

In July 1992 I joined MPDV Mikrolab G.m.b.H as a consultant for the HYDRA Plant Data Collection and Time Recorder systems. I set up a new branch office near Offenburg in the Black Forest, being responsible for project work with customers, design of sales brochures and representation at trade fairs.

Leaving Germany in July 1993 I joined CIMCO Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand where I held the position of Technical Director. With my team, I was in charge of framework and database design, as well as implementation and internationalisation of a leading LAN based ERP package. I also co-ordinated the outsourcing of programming to India necessitated by the global success of the multi-language version of the package. Worldwide customer support strategies as well as the first internet presence of CIMCO were developed under my supervision. Concluding my work with CIMCO I led a project allowing me to acquire extensive knowledge of JavaTM by setting up a customer order system with database connectivity over the internet. This system was among the first of its kind.

In May 1998 I returned to Germany and joined the rbg eG in Munich which since underwent a merger and is presently operated under FIDUCIA IT AG. This is the IT-provider for more than 900 German co-operative banks (Volksbanken/Raiffeisenbanken). At FIDUCIA I was first responsible for two prototype projects which were set up to investigate whether JavaTM was ready for the requirements of the banking industry. rbg operations at this time still were based on OS/2, NETBIOS and SNA, and it fell under my responsibilities to set up a new environment using TCP/IP and Sun SOLARIS Servers. The prototype projects themselves represented a cross-section through a typical banking application with connectivity to various bank specific hardware such as passbook-printers and automatic cash dispensers. Of particular importance was the connectivity to the z/Series host system and the COBOL/IMS legacy programs. The two projects proved to be very successful and subsequently, rbg CEO Michael Krings decided in June 1999 to start with the development of a Credit System, and in fall 1999 with the development of a new Brokerage System and a home-banking application.

Between 1999 and 2002 I have been team leader responsible for the design and implementation of JBF - the JavaTM based Banking Framework of FIDUCIA which since has become the single foundation of the new core banking application agree®.

In March 2002 I was promoted Technical Chief Architect, responsible for the evaluation of new products and manifold R&D activities. I have since been involved in: layout of UNIX server infrastructure operation the agree® banking system, and evaluation and implementation of a J2EE/JEE management system based on Introscope of Wily Technology. Further I am the in-house expert for solving CRITSITs. As resident special advisor I provide individually adapted solutions for all issues occurring with development projects.

In January 2009 I joined the CSC Deutschland Solutions GmbH
I work as Management Consultant in the Field of IT-Strategy.

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