Using USB Audio Interfaces with Apple's iPad

It has been rumored that it would be possible to use Apple’s Camera Connection Kit to connect USB audio interfaces. I now can confirm that this is true. I have tried it with the Behringer U-Control UCA 222. Unfortunately I could only test the audio output capability because the only app which I possess to record audio crashed when using the USB audio interface.

I can confirm the following
iPad apps to be working with USB audio:

  • Beatwave
  • Hammerhead
  • Korg iElectribe
  • Kalimba Live
  • Mini Piano
  • NLogSynth
  • Pocket Organ
  • Drum Track8
  • Aurora HD
  • Shiny Drum
  • LoopSeq
  • Music Studio

Unfortunately StudioTrack crashed when trying to record and put out only distorted sound via the USB interface.